February 8, 2012

Earlier this week, Information Week published a report on the results of its “Social Networking in the Enterprise Survey.” Information Week questioned 394 business technology professionals at companies using one or more internal social networking solutions. The results present some major challenges for our industry.

The good news is those challenges are far more substantial and troublesome for our more established competitors, who likely dominate the landscape at the companies in this survey. Where they have been failing, Neudesic Pulse has opportunity. We can be the knight on the white horse that rides in to rescue the princess from the evil villain.

Consider these finding about how those surveyed characterize their internal social networks: “Only 13% say they’re excellent, 25% good, with 37% average and 25% fair or poor. For a high-profile initiative that everyone from the CEO down is watching, a 62% chance of producing average or worse returns counts as a high-risk proposition.”

Yikes. That is a scary proposition for an executive considering adding social to his company, but it represents opportunity for Neudesic Pulse. That 62% of respondents who characterized their internal social networks as average or fair to poor are looking for alternatives to the platforms they’re using now.

User adoption continues to be the biggest challenge for companies that use internal social networks. (See graph below.) We’ve seen it over and over: A company installs the software and tells workers to use it. And they do – for a couple weeks – before going back to their old routines because the new technology didn’t help them do their jobs any better.

Again, this is an opportunity for Pulse. What many of our competitors don’t seem to get – and this was reinforced in the Information Week survey – is that employees have a lot going on and don’t want yet another siloed application that they have to use. Pulse adds the social layer to the platforms and applications they’re already using. It meets them where they are. That’s a big reason why Pulse sticks where others fail.

Pulse has a lot of momentum going into 2012. Clearly the market is hungry for what we have to offer. Let’s take advantage of the areas where the competition is failing.