February 21, 2012

The state of the modern workplace has changed dramatically in the last generation. Teams are more likely to be geographically diverse. We may be just as likely to work on a project with a colleague in New York, London or Bangalore as the person in the next cubicle. At the same time, we are also more likely to be working together on projects with continuously changing details, obstacles and even team members – some of whom may work at our company and some of whom may be with outside partners.

To torture the old saying, there are more cooks in the kitchen, more ingredients in the broth, and more people in the dining room waiting to eat – and their expectations for a quality meal are no lower than they were before technology and the global marketplace changed how work gets done.

At Neudesic we’ve put together a list of common scenarios that we think apply to all organizations in this modern work environment. By no means is this an exhaustive list and we would recommend you give some thought around even more specific scenarios for your business. Again, this is just a start but we think it will get your social juices flowing.

1.      Run a project efficiently

When working with teams, it is often hard to keep all of your valuable information organized and in one central location. Collaboration software like Neudesic Pulse transforms the way that teams within companies interact with each other. Pulse enables the ability to share files, get feedback on ideas, and ask questions all on one page.

2.      Ensuring your questions get answered correctly

Without enterprise-wide collaboration tools, individual workers have limited reach within their organizations. Pulse allows you to ask questions to everyone in your company, but it goes a step further: Pulse will automatically recognize who the experts are on subjects within your company. Expert recognition ensures that you get answers from reliable sources, as well as helping spread your expertise to colleagues with whom you don’t normally interact.

3.      Keeping track of your team

Tracking your team’s status and progress is a crucial part of being a valuable leader. Pulse provides a space for you to log and record your team’s progress. This capability keeps you more organized and more involved in your teams day to day progress. This also keeps your team in touch with each other, allowing them to share knowledge about each other’s work.

4.      Making sure everyone is aware of potential roadblocks

Sharing a company- or team-wide issue through email can often lead to a long list of replies that don’t always apply to your work. With Pulse you can share the issue and provide a forum for employees to provide feedback without flooding everyone’s inbox.

5.      Keeping your team focused on critical tasks

Keeping your tasks up to date in a calendar is effective and useful, but integrating a task function into a social collaboration instance improves the ability to stay focused on the tasks for which they are responsible. Pulse provides a place for your team to update, prioritize and organize tasks without the inconveniences of email.

6.      Keeping your documents, thoughts and ideas organized

As the amount of information gathered in your company grows, it becomes increasingly more difficult to locate old documents, files and ideas efficiently. Pulse has provided a solution to this issue by creating tags. By tagging something, you are automatically putting it into an online filing cabinet that Pulse organizes for you, making it extremely easy to locate all the information you need regarding a certain topic.

7.      Sustaining a great relationship with your partners and customers

Customers and partners want to be more and more involved with the day-to-day actions of the enterprise. Neudesic Pulse Bridge provides a secure environment for you to invite a select group of partners and customers to join a private group page where you can collaborate in the same way you could with people within your enterprise — but with the security of not granting them access to your entire Pulse instance.

For more information about Neudesic Pulse please visit: www.NeudesicPulse.com