June 1, 2015

It’s possible to find real value with your ESN

Reports from McKinsey, Gartner and Forrester all agree that few enterprise social network (ESN) implementations live up to their potential. Most turn into another employee communication channel, perhaps like glorified email.

Organizations typically purchase ESNs to:

  • Foster collaboration among diverse teams
  • Better utilize resources and improve productivity
  • Share knowledge, ideas, files and other content

But the real value of an ESN lies in its ability to integrate with SharePoint and become not just a collaboration hub, but also a central repository of the collective knowledge and experience of an entire organization. And an ESN’s comprehensive, searchable employee profiles can make an organization significantly more powerful and productive than the sum of its parts.

The Power of the 360-Degree ProfileNeudesic Pulse Profiles
To be successful, an ESN must combine the skills, endorsements, certifications, publications, speaking engagements, education and other important experience into comprehensive profiles that paint a 360-degree view of each employee.

When you also give people the ability to endorse the skills and expertise of their colleagues, employee profiles become useful tools for identifying knowledge and experience within the organization.

But the true power of the profile comes when you index all that information so it can be easily aggregated, accessed and searched – giving your organization an integrated, modern directory for SharePoint.

The Only Real Search is Unified Search
Keeping the massive amount of information that pours into an ESN accessible can be problematic. Many organizations attempt to do this using the expanded file search capabilities of SharePoint. The results are often not effective, resulting in false-positives and sub-par user experience.

It’s crucial to move beyond out-of-the box SharePoint profiles and native search capabilities if you want to find expertise faster and surface latent knowledge that otherwise may go untapped.

To boost the adoption of your ESN, you need to deliver the best possible user search experience. And that takes a consolidated and centralized search interface that creates a single place for users to locate and share various types of content across the enterprise.

Adding unified search capabilities and 360-degree comprehensive profiles will elevate your ESN beyond the traditional SharePoint My Site to a powerful platform where users can surface knowledge and find information that’s created not only in real-time but also over time. That’s the kind of ESN to strive for. Everything else is just glorified email.

About Neudesic Pulse
Neudesic Pulse acts as a standalone platform or can be easily integrated out of the box with SharePoint 2013. Neudesic Pulse goes beyond an employee communication and collaboration tool; it’s a powerful platform driven by next-generation profiles and unified search capabilities. Neudesic Pulse includes:

  • Dynamic Knowledge Sharing: Ask questions, identify experts, and share discussions with groups and colleagues in the office or around the world.
  • Deployed Where You Want It: Get unmatched options for On-Premise and Private Cloud deployments.
  • Public & Private Groups: Facilitate more effective team collaboration with your choice of open or managed group environments.
  • File Sharing: Keep everyone on the same page with simplified file sharing.
  • Skills and Endorsements: Search and sort profiles to quickly find the perfect team for your next project.