May 27, 2015

We’re pleased to announce the latest release of Neudesic Pulse. 

Neudesic Pulse 4.6 improves the search experience with a consolidated and centralized search interface that creates a single place for users to locate and share content across the enterprise.

Neudesic Pulse Search

Version 4.6 further strengthens Pulse as a single-source repository of enterprise knowledge and information

Users can now leverage a new unified search interface to find and surface knowledge that’s created over time. It also adds a host of new file sharing features, including the ability to tag, lock and rate files.

Pulse 4.6 also enables users to search files according to name, extension, tags, rating, date and other criteria.

And to improve the style and behavior of the user interface, drag and drop capabilities, a unified search experience, and improved status entry were added. Other improvements include the ability to create polls, add detail to questions at the time of creation and share links to file folders.

Pulse 4.6 Availability
Neudesic Pulse 4.6 is available now. To learn more or to schedule a demonstration email the Pulse team.